Braces Orlando

We offer Orlando braces to help achieve a beautiful smile. Traditional metal braces are the most common treatment for teeth alignment. As our technology and knowledge advances, these metal braces become more comfortable than ever before. Metal braces are effective in correcting a number of conditions such as overbites, under bites, spacing, crooked teeth and a few other flaws.


Our orthodontist will take the time to x-ray and analyze your teeth and come up with the best course of action to take. Everyone’s path to a beautiful smile is different and Dr. Smith is dedicated to making sure that your teeth are taken care of.


There are a few things to be aware of when you make the choice of having metal braces and making sure that they are in great care.


Eating with your braces.

There are some foods that we suggest avoiding in order to be sure that you do not damage your new braces. The traditional braces Orlando Pediatric Dentistry offers are not designed to withstand the stress of biting into hard foods. Always remember that this is just temporary and you will be able to start enjoying your favorite foods again in no time.



Food to stay away from:

Chewy – gummies, bagels,

Crunchy –

Sticky – Sticky candies, carmel, taffy.

Hard Foods – Apples,


Keep in mind that there are many of other food that you are free to enjoy.

Good food to Eat with braces


Meats/poultry- chicken, pork

Seafoods- tilapia, shrimp

Fruits/Vegetables – Soft fruits and vegetables such as oranges, bananas, mashed potatoes. You may steam veggies until they are soft and enjoy.

Treats – smoothies, milkshakes,