Orthodontist Orlando

Orthodontist Orlando



Orlando has trusted our pediatric dentistry staff to take care of their dental needs. We are proud to serve Orlando and offer our orthopedic services and expertise when it comes to finding your child’s perfect smile. You will be under the care of our very own Dr. John R. Smith, our orthodontist here at Orlando Pediatric Dentistry. With 38 years practicing as an orthodontist, he will be able to offer the expert advice that you need.


Dr. Smith works with traditional braces, but along with that we are able to offer the option of Invisalgn as well. Invisalign is a clear, virtually invisible alternative to traditional braces. These treatments visibly effects. Find out more information on both our traditional braces option as well as the Invisalign invisible braces.



Braces Orlando


Traditional metal braces are the most common treatment for teeth alignment. As our technology and knowledge advances, these metal braces are more comfortable than ever before. Our orthodontist will x-ray and analyze your teeth and come up with the best course of action to take.


These metal braces are effective in correcting a number of conditions such as overbites, under bites, spacing, crooked teeth and a few other flaws. They are a few things to be aware of when you make the choice of having metal braces and making sure that they are taken care of.